Againity converts waste into electricity with in-house developed ORC system.

Againity AB utilizes low-temperature heat and converts it into electricity through a so-called ORC system (Organic Rankine Cycle). Thanks to an in-house developed, patent pending turbine we can use heat down to 90 degrees of hot water – and still have a short payback time for the system down to 50 kW of electricity produced.

The heat source can be anything from hot water or steam from a waste boiler or wood chip boiler, to waste heat from an industrial process. We are happy to help with technical set up and financial calculations. Againity’s reference systems can be found in the segments landfills, district heating plants, waste water treatment plants, greenhouse farms and manufacturing industries.

The modular turbine system is delivered as a turn-key solution either on a frame or in a container and ready to operate after installation to the heat source, cooling water/air and local power grid. The system is fully automated and a TCP/IP connection allows convenient monitoring and remote control. The system consists of high quality components and is designed to run with minimal service and at least 20 years lifetime.

The turbine systems are offered from 50 kW to 2500 kW electricity.

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