Sweden is a global leader in industries such as the aerospace, automotive, biomedical, tooling and packaging industries. The expertise from these companies has fostered an environment in which many new and successful technologies have emerged.

Climate change and rising oil prices continue to be drivers for developing modern materials that come from natural and renewable resources. A successful transition to the more sustainable production of chemicals and materials is important to Sweden as a country.

Fossil-independent by 2030

Sustainable Chemistry 2030, opens in new window is an important and innovative platform for the sector, in which the chemical companies in the city of Stenungsund, Sweden’s largest chemistry and materials cluster, have espoused a joint ambition to work towards fossil-independence by 2030 and the production of sustainable products.

Strong synergies with the forestry industry

The combination of Sweden’s chemical industry’s experiences and knowledge of chemical products on the one hand, and the forestry industry’s resources and materials on the other, will be crucial to the development of biobased chemicals, sustainable materials and the products of tomorrow.

All in all, Sweden is uniquely suited to lead development in biobased products, green chemistry and advanced materials.

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