Electric car charging
Renewable Energy

Sweden invests 552 million Swedish krona in the electricity system of the future

The Swedish Energy Agency’s new research and innovation program ‘The future of energy systems’ has been granted 552 million Swedish krona (€53,6 million). The mission is to find ways to meet challenges connected to increased electrification and the goals of creating a sustainable energy system.
Car charging with CTEK's Chargestorm
Sustainable Transportation

CTEK – electric charging for sustainable transport

20 years ago, in a village in Sweden, the first battery charger using electronic pulse technology was created. This was the start of CTEK, a company that has grown to become a global market leader in battery management solutions.
Dad and child recycling bottle in shop
Recycling and Waste

New Swedish Solutions that Simplify Recycling

Why are waste bins equipped with e-smart sensor devices beneficial for the environment? And how do you order a carton of milk on your phone? Swedish cleantech companies have the answers to these and other questions. Their technical solutions may be crucial when it comes to maximizing the sorting necessary to transform waste flows into resources under a circular economy.