Wind turbine on cliffs on Björkö island
Renewable Energy

Modvion – Wooden Wind Turbines

As the need to transition to renewable energy is increasing, wind power installations are increasing too. In 2021, wind electricity generation increased by 17 % worldwide, and China, the US and Brazil increased the most in wind generation. The increased interest means increased pressure on using fossil materials such as iron and steel, which has a big environmental footprint.
EU flags
Sustainable Materials

EU outlines the Green Deal Industrial Plan

The European Union has put forward a cleantech industrial plan to keep up in the race with China and the United States for a green industry transition. The Green Deal Industrial Plan will make it easier to push through subsidies for green industries and work towards the goal set by the EU to become climate-neutral by 2050.
Ship from above at sea
Sustainable Transportation

Electrofuel facility helps decrease emissions from the maritime sector

The maritime sector uses 300 million tonnes of fossil fuels every year, and a sustainable transition is urgent to decrease the impact on the environment from the sector. Liquid Wind, a company that produces eMethanol, says that the solution can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 90 %. Now, Liquid Wind is building its third facility in the North of Sweden.