Dripping water pipe
Water and Wastewater

Aqua Robur – No More Wasted Water

Up to 60 % of freshwater produced in the world is lost through leakages in the public water network, leading to billions of euros wasted each year globally due to inefficient monitored pipelines. Aqua Robur is the Swedish tech company that has a solution that can save water, energy and money.
Lean Marine Dashboard
Sustainable Transportation

Lean Marine – Saving fuel automatically

The shipping industry is estimated to represent more than 3 % of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. By 2050, the number is expected to increase to 10 % if no action is taken. Lean Marine offers solutions that can help save fuel and reduce emissions as well as costs.
Man in lab experimenting
Recycling and Waste

EasyMining – Closing Nutrient Cycles

The decreasing sources of important nutrients needed for food production is a problem all over the world. Today, only a small amount is recycled, meaning important resources is going to waste. EasyMining’s technologies to extract materials from waste is a part of the solution of creating a more circular society and securing future food production.