Absolicon's solar collectors
Renewable Energy

Absolicon signs agreement on cooperation with energy company in Zimbabwe

Absolicon, the Swedish company providing solar heat for industry demand, recently signed an agreement with a Zimbabwean energy company for the production of concentrating solar collectors in Zimbabwe.
Solar panels on water
Renewable Energy

Floating solar modules save land and increase efficiency

About 80 percent of energy consumption worldwide comes from fossil sources, which is the source of health issues and environmental issues. The Swedish company Sunsurf Solar has created a solution that is more efficient than traditional solar parks and can help save water.
Cemvision demo plant
Sustainable Construction

Cemvision Announces Green Cement Breakthrough: Scales Up to Industrial Production

The Swedish company Cemvision announces that it has entered industrial-scale demo production of its green cement, which slashes CO2 emissions by more than 95% compared to traditional cement production. By doing so, the company takes the pole position in the race for carbon-neutralizing one of the world’s dirtiest industries.