Swedish Parliament building at night
Resources and Environment

Sweden ranks nr 1 in European Innovation Scoreboard

This year’s European innovation scoreboard shows that Sweden is continuing to be at the top when it comes to innovation performance. The Stockholm region tops as the most innovative region within the EU.
EcoDataCenter from above
Resources and Environment

EcoDataCenter – a Climate-positive Data Centre

Access to data and the internet is something that many people take for granted. This data would not be available if it was not for data centres, but the telecom and IT industry is a large energy consumer, responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than all air traffic globally combined.
Person charging electric car
Recycling and Waste

Cling Systems – Optimal Circularity of Batteries

Electrification plays an important role in creating sustainable energy. But the lithium-ion batteries used in cars and other energy systems have a significant ecological footprint and most of the batteries do not get recycled efficiently. Cling Systems is the company that wants to change that. By creating a marketplace for used batteries, more batteries can be reused and recycled, leading to a reduction of emissions in the energy sector.