Renewable Energy

Sustainable power solutions for smart things

Sustainable, ultra-thin and transparent. A unique combination of characteristics when it comes to solar cells. With the vision of “Making energy beautiful” Peafowl started officially in 2018, after many years of R&D work invested in their plasmonic solar cell technology. A technology that could potentially revolutionize the way we power our smart devices, displays and windows. Meet Jacinto Sá, co-founder of Peafowl Solar Power and Associate Professor at Uppsala University.
Renewable Energy

Sweden leads the global energy transition

In a recent report published by the World Economic Forum, Sweden retains top postition in the Energy Transition Index, which compares the energy sectors of 115 countries and analyses their readiness for energy transition.
Water and Wastewater

Altered Company – sustainability on tap

The “Altered nozzle” became a huge success on in 2016. Only three years later the company is established in the US, India, Central Europe and the Middle East. With unique and smart solutions for taps and showers, Altered Company aims to redefine people’s view of water saving and water cleaning. The recipe is simplicity and innovation expertise. Meet Altered’s designer Mikael Abbhagen, first out in our interview series on Swedish cleantech companies.

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