Energy Efficiency

The smartest shower on earth – cutting water consumption with technology from space

After working on NASA's Mars mission project, Orbital Systems founder Mehrdad Mahdjoubi had an idea.
Energy Efficiency

Ferroamp – electricity reinvented

Being an end consumer of power is more complicated than ever, with the increasing use of devices, the complex need of power from electrical vehicles (EV) and the possibilities of locally produced energy via photovoltaic (PV) panels. Ferroamp is a fast growing cleantech company that offers a solution for energy and power optimization in buildings and facilities.
Sustainable Construction

Innenco – combining science, innovative technical solutions and thermal energy storage

Active elements that cut energy use by to 75% – isn’t that what all Scandinavians dream about? Walking in the footstep of his grandpa, Jonathan Karlsson managed to convert his PhD studies in the energy tech field into innovative business. In a time when the HVAC industry is quickly shifting focus to energy efficient solutions and integration, his company model looks primed for growth. Meet Jonathan Karlsson, founder of Innenco.

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