Sustainable Materials

Saveggy raises €1.76M to replace the plastic on your cucumber with plant-based formula

Saveggy is the food-tech company that has created a plant-based edible coating for fruits and vegetables that can reduce the usage of plastics, and at the same time extend the shelf life. Now, the company has secured 1,76 million euros in investments.
FLOXherd drone
Resources and Environment

FLOX Robotics – reducing wildlife accidents with AI

People and wildlife are increasingly coming into conflict over space and food. This influences biodiversity and can lead to big costs. FLOX Robotics is the tech company that envisions a world without fences and protective hunting. Instead, FLOX Robotics has created an AI-driven system to minimize disturbance to wildlife.
FibraQ products
Sustainable Materials

Biofiber Tech – tackling the fossil plastic problem

The global plastic waste problem has probably not gone unnoticed by anyone. As the demand for sustainable and durable alternatives is increasing, so is the supply. Biofiber Tech is one of the companies that has emerged as an alternative to fossil plastics and offers a solution made from wood.