Forest in Gävle, Sweden
Resources and Environment

Adsorbi – Air purification with help from the forest

Air pollution affects almost everyone on the planet. Today, the common practice is to extract pollutants by using activated carbon, which is usually fossil-based. The company Adsorbi has found a way to clean the air without harming the environment and the solution is found in the forest.
SaltX facility
Sustainable Materials

Decarbonizing the concrete industry

Swedish companies can now slash several hundred kilograms carbon dioxide emissions per ton from the concrete manufacturing process. New high-tech innovation paired with solutions from the old Roman Empire lies behind this reduction.
Close up on water
Water and Wastewater

Swedish innovations that change how we think about water

Global research has revealed that 2.6 billion people around the world lack improved sanitation, 800 million lack safe drinking water, and 60 per cent of the earth’s ecosystem services are deteriorating. All these challenges are directly linked to water security.