Production facility in Uddevalla, Sweden
Renewable Energy

Azelio – Renewable Power 24/7

With an increasing need for renewable energy, energy storage is key, but storing electricity can be both expensive and inefficient. The Swedish high-tech company Azelio converts stored thermal energy to electricity, which makes the process more efficient and cost-effective.
Drone flying over houses
Resources and Environment

Everdrone – Saving lives with drones

In a life or death situation, every second count. The Gothenburg-based company Everdrone has developed a technology that, with the help of drones, can save lives. By sending emergency medical equipment via drones, valuable time is saved.
Tram on street in Gothenburg, Sweden
Sustainable Transportation

Sustainable public transport to decrease the need for fossil-fuels

The need for sustainable and smart mobility is becoming increasingly critical in urban areas all over the world. To create a green, smart and sustainable city, mobility is key.