Swedish companies lie at the forefront of the energy efficiency sector. Those that stand out in particular are producers and service companies in heating and cooling, energy storage systems, and smart grid solutions.

The combined know-how of these companies in the Swedish energy efficiency sector has led to an environment that is conducive to innovation in the form of new companies and technologies. Energy efficiency is about making energy as economical as possible for users while being as sustainable as possible for the community. To achieve high levels of energy efficiency, different types of technologies can be used in combination.

World leading district heating system

Sweden has a long history of working with energy efficiency and is the world leader in district heating. Over 80 per cent of our district heating is based on energy that would otherwise have gone to waste. We are also a pioneer in district cooling, with the first plant being commissioned already in 1992.

We have extensive know-how in geothermal systems, and as a result we have the highest number of installed geothermal heat pumps in the world, and Sweden is also home to some of the biggest producers.
Sweden offers innovative technologies and capabilities within these sectors thanks to its long tradition of implementing energy efficient solutions over many, many years.

Towards a smart electrical grid

Sweden was among the first countries to roll out energy meters to all households, as early as 2009. To reach our energy efficiency targets, we need smart grid solutions that offer active, demand-side services, efficient networks, zero-energy buildings, and efficient industry and heating sectors. We offer world-leading technology and expertise in smart grid design and can boast the implementation of the world’s first complete smart grid for an entire urban district, the Royal Stockholm Seaport project.

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AB Regin

Guided by a vision of people’s well-being in a sustainable future, the Regin Group creates technical solutions within building automation that optimize the energy consumption in buildings. The solutions also enable tailored indoor comfort for people all over the world.

Absolicon Solar Collector AB

Absolicon Solar Collector AB is listed Swedish technology company, specialized in concentrated solar thermal heat.

ACC Glasrådgivare AB

ACC act as consultants when renovating or installing new windows.

Acosense AB

Acosense is a Swedish high tech company that develops and markets Acospector® Acoustic Chemometer, an innovation for non-invasive fluid analysis in real-time.

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