Facts & statistics

Here you will find facts and statistics from the environmental technology sector.

Nordic Net Zero: The Green Business Opportunity

BCG has looked at the abatement potential and marginal abatement cost of individual solutions, their technology maturity, and the investments required to implement them. Based on that analysis, a pathway to reach net zero in the region by 2050 has been determined. Below you can read more about green business opportunities in the Nordics.


Greentech – the Swedish Experience and Expertise

Production of clean renewable energy is continuing to rise in Sweden. Sweden is continuing to develop its economy and human resources without neglecting the environment. Below you can read more and download Chamber Trade Sweden’s full report.


Cleantech in Sweden – Sector overview

This report addresses investors within the cleantech sector. It contains an overview of the market, describing the opportunities in the Swedish sector.


The Global Cleantech Innovation Index 2017

This report investigates the global state of cleantech innovation in entrepreneurial start-up companies. Below you can read more and download the full report from WWF and Cleantech Group.