Epishine – revolutionising solar energy

Will solar cells be integrated in all kinds of products in the future? That is what Epishine, a company specialised in small, printed solar cells, believes. With their solution, Epishine is on a mission to change the way we use energy to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels.

Energy comes from Skellefteå: “We aim to be world leaders”

When it comes to growth and development in the field of renewable energy, the world’s eyes are all on the Skellefteå region.

Edeva – Safe & Sustainable Cities with Smart Speed Bumps

To create a better urban life, safety is key. Edeva has created a smart speed bump that is only activated when the speed limit is exceeded. The new speed bump not only reduces speed but creates a better traffic flow, leads to less CO2 emissions and a safer city.

Enjay – Recycling wasted energy in restaurants

40 % of the energy produced worldwide is consumed in real estate. Much of this energy can be recycled, but in restaurants, grease and soot in the ventilating system make it difficult to recover the energy produced. Thanks to the company Enjay, Burger King is now able to recover energy from their restaurants in a cost-efficient way, saving hundreds of tons of CO2 emissions annually.

Liquid Wind – electrifying fuel for a sustainable future

The Swedish startup Liquid Wind is developing its first commercial-scale facility. The facility will produce eMethanol: a liquid, carbon-neutral fuel, made from upcycled carbon dioxide and renewable electricity.

Swedish Algae Factory – Advanced Materials from Algae

Deep down in the sea on the west coast of Sweden, the diatom algae grow. Due to the harsh conditions, the algae developed unique qualities. The Swedish Algae Factory is the company that through research has managed to make use of these qualities and develop products that reduce the usage of chemicals, emit less CO2 and at the same time clean the oceans.

OrganoClick – sustainable materials by mimicking nature

The invention of plastics has made products more accessible and improved things such as food safety and human health. But the use of plastics has also led to several environmental problems. OrganoClick is the company that through scientific breakthroughs wants to change our dependence on plastics. With fibre-based materials, OrganoClick has managed to create products that are robust and kind to the environment.

Circular fly ash plant to help Sweden become the world’s first fossil-free welfare nation

Environmental company Ragn-Sells has begun construction of a new facility for extracting valuable resources from fly ash from waste incineration, an investment of over EUR 55 million in circular industry. The new business supports Sweden’s official ambition to become the world’s first fossil-free welfare nation, according to Minister for Enterprise Ibrahim Baylan.

New steam generator cleans water with solar power

At the Laboratory of Organic Electronics at Linköping University, researchers have created a high-efficiency steam generator that purifies water. By using cellulose, the generator can be built in a cheap way with natural materials.

Ectogrid™ – Energy efficiency for sustainable cities

In modern cities, there are enough thermal energy flows generated by human activity to provide the base for both heating and cooling of the entire city. However, the energy produced is not always used efficiently. Ectogrid™ has created an integrated energy system that is easy to manage, sustainable and cost-efficient.

C-Green – Making Use of Sludge

Sludge handling is a global problem – hundreds of millions of tons are produced each year by industry, agriculture and sewage treatment. C-Green offers a patented, sustainable sludge-handling solution that turns sludge into bio-coal.

Effects of Corona on the Cleantech Sector

The pandemic COVID-19 has changed how we travel, socialise and work. It is affecting all parts of society, and by that also the cleantech sector. Some effects are already seen worldwide.