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Sweden is one of the most competitive, productive and globalized nations in the world. The country is a global leader in innovation with a highly skilled labour force, sophisticated consumers, smooth business procedures, openness to international ownership, and a stable economy.

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Smart City Sweden is the national demonstration platform for smart and sustainable city solutions. Get in touch with Smart City Sweden to book your technical visit to Sweden and experience Swedish solutions first hand.

Business Opportunities

On this page we present a variety of business opportunities provided to you by some of our partner organizations.

Tumbling Costs for Wind, Solar, Batteries Are Squeezing Fossil Fuels

Latest BNEF study of comparative costs worldwide shows an 18% improvement in the competitiveness of onshore wind and solar in the last year, and new and rapidly developing roles for batteries.

What if packaging could just disappear?

D-sack is a cement sack that disappears in the mixer, eliminating packaging waste, minimizing handling time and creating a cleaner and safer workplace.

EU ambassadors approve new rules on waste management and recycling

Today, EU ambassadors endorsed the provisional agreement on the four legislative proposals of the waste package reached with the European Parliament on 18 December 2017.

Facts & statistics

Here you will find facts and statistics from the environmental technology sector.

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Here you will find information brochures and magazines with good examples from the cleantech sector.

About us

The purpose of Swedish Cleantech is to contribute to the development, commercialisation and export of Swedish environmental technology.

Technology transfer funding

Are you looking to introduce your proven and sold technical solution to a new market? Or, is your organisation looking to import technology that’s new to your country?

Sustainable Transportation

Sweden has a long history of sustainable transport. In addition to biofuels, Sweden has dedicated resources to the development and implementation of electric car technologies, batteries, charging infrastructure and fuel cells.