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The purpose of Swedish Cleantech is to contribute to the development, commercialisation and export of Swedish environmental technology.

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Sustainable Transportation

Sweden has a long history of sustainable transport. In addition to biofuels, Sweden has dedicated resources to the development and implementation of electric car technologies, batteries, charging infrastructure and fuel cells.

Sustainable Materials

Sweden is a global leader in industries such as the aerospace, automotive, biomedical, tooling and packaging industries. The expertise from these companies has fostered an environment in which many new and successful technologies have emerged.

Sustainable Construction

Swedish companies in the field of green buildings and infrastructure enjoy a global reputation for their methods and usage of innovative technologies. Wooden building technology and low-energy housing solutions are areas where Sweden is at the forefront.

Recycling and Waste

Sweden offers innovative solutions and extensive know-how in waste collection and recycling. We are the global leader when it comes to dealing with and recycling waste. The waste-to-energy systems we have developed have given waste a value.

Water and Wastewater

Sweden has one of the most far-reaching standards for effluent in treated wastewater in the world. Sewage treatment plants were introduced as early as the 1930s.

Resources and Environment

Sweden’s greenhouse gas emissions are among the lowest in the EU. Since 1990, emissions have been declining in our housing and service sectors as the result of a shift from oil to district heating, heat pumps and biofuels for heating.

Renewable Energy

The continued push towards the development and implementation of green technologies has enabled Sweden to become the first country in Europe to meet the renewable energy targets set by EU for 2020. Eight years ahead of schedule.

Energy Efficiency

Swedish companies lie at the forefront of the energy efficiency sector. Those that stand out in particular are producers and service companies in heating and cooling, energy storage systems, and smart grid solutions.