Drone flying over houses
Resources and Environment

Everdrone – Saving lives with drones

In a life or death situation, every second count. The Gothenburg-based company Everdrone has developed a technology that, with the help of drones, can save lives. By sending emergency medical equipment via drones, valuable time is saved.
Tram on street in Gothenburg, Sweden
Sustainable Transportation

Sustainable public transport to decrease the need for fossil-fuels

The need for sustainable and smart mobility is becoming increasingly critical in urban areas all over the world. To create a green, smart and sustainable city, mobility is key.
Gothenburg port in sunset
Sustainable Transportation

Nordic research analyses fuel cells and hydrogen gas for the shipping industry

The shipping industry needs to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions significantly to reach future climate goals, which will need alternative fuels. In a new project, researchers and actors from the industry in the Nordics will examine if fuel cells and hydrogen gas can compare to other fossil-free solutions.
Sustainable Transportation

ChargeNode – Simplifying electric car charging

As the interest in electric cars is growing, new solutions for charging infrastructure is needed. ChargeNode is the company that has made charging cheaper, more accessible, and easier to use by creating a patent-pending charging technology where multiple electric cars share a centralised charging hub.
Baby in car safety seat

Webinar Feb 17th: How do we create safe and sustainable roads?

At this webinar you will listen to experts, authorities and business tackling the crucial question - how do we increase urban traffic safety? We will discuss measures that are to be taken to meet road safety-related issues, new solutions and tools that radically reduce climate emissions, safety and protecting road users.
Stockholm's old town from above

Sweden Sustaintech Venture Day – 11th of February

Sweden Sustaintech Venture Day is a unique opportunity to see presentations from sustaintech companies and listen to carefully selected keynote speakers.
Drupps team in front of building
Water and Wastewater

Drupps – clean water out of thin air

By 2025, half of the world’s population will experience water scarcity. Drupps is a Swedish water innovation company helping food and beverage producers to increase water sustainability and security by tapping the atmosphere. The vision is no water scarcity on Earth and to have the UN Sustainable Development Goal 6, clean water and sanitation, come true.
Mining in Sweden
Resources and Environment

Sweden invests in fossil-free mining

Swedish state-owned energy company Vattenfall and mining company Kaunis Iron AB have signed a declaration of intent to develop a fossil-free, electrified mining operation in the north of Sweden.
Constructed image of what the Northvolt Skellefteå factory will look like
Renewable Energy

Northvolt – Sustainable Battery Solutions for a Greener Future

Northvolt is the Swedish battery producer with high ambitions. The company aims to build the greenest battery cell and systems in the world. The battery factory will be the biggest in Europe and help enable Europe’s transition to renewable energy.
View over the western harbour, Malmö
Sustainable Transportation

New film demonstrates solutions to challenges in city development

Smart City Sweden welcomes delegations from all over the world that are interested in investing in smart & sustainable city solutions. Some of these solutions from Sweden are demonstrated in a new short film.
Efo shipping

EFO – Relocating Waste

Waste is a big problem all over the world. It is estimated that about 37 % of the waste generated globally end up in landfills*, creating problems such as water pollution, methane emissions and spreading of diseases. The Swedish company EFO wants to help countries to reduce the amount of generated waste and turn it into energy.
Dripping water pipe
Water and Wastewater

Aqua Robur – No More Wasted Water

Up to 60 % of freshwater produced in the world is lost through leakages in the public water network, leading to billions of euros wasted each year globally due to inefficient monitored pipelines. Aqua Robur is the Swedish tech company that has a solution that can save water, energy and money.