Field with crop
Sustainable Materials

OrganoClick – sustainable materials by mimicking nature

The invention of plastics has made products more accessible and improved things such as food safety and human health. But the use of plastics has also led to several environmental problems. OrganoClick is the company that through scientific breakthroughs wants to change our dependence on plastics. With fibre-based materials, OrganoClick has managed to create products that are robust and kind to the environment.
Illustration of fly ash plant
Recycling and Waste

Circular fly ash plant to help Sweden become the world’s first fossil-free welfare nation

Environmental company Ragn-Sells has begun construction of a new facility for extracting valuable resources from fly ash from waste incineration, an investment of over EUR 55 million in circular industry. The new business supports Sweden’s official ambition to become the world’s first fossil-free welfare nation, according to Minister for Enterprise Ibrahim Baylan.
Child washing hands in tap water
Water and Wastewater

New steam generator cleans water with solar power

At the Laboratory of Organic Electronics at Linköping University, researchers have created a high-efficiency steam generator that purifies water. By using cellulose, the generator can be built in a cheap way with natural materials.
Wind power plant and solar panels on blue sky
Energy Efficiency

Ectogrid™ – Energy efficiency for sustainable cities

In modern cities, there are enough thermal energy flows generated by human activity to provide the base for both heating and cooling of the entire city. However, the energy produced is not always used efficiently. Ectogrid™ has created an integrated energy system that is easy to manage, sustainable and cost-efficient.
C-Green construction
Water and Wastewater

C-Green – Making Use of Sludge

Sludge handling is a global problem - hundreds of millions of tons are produced each year by industry, agriculture and sewage treatment. C-Green offers a patented, sustainable sludge-handling solution that turns sludge into bio-coal.
Montage of covid-19 enlarged and solar panel park
Renewable Energy

Effects of Corona on the Cleantech Sector

The pandemic COVID-19 has changed how we travel, socialise and work. It is affecting all parts of society, and by that also the cleantech sector. Some effects are already seen worldwide.
ReVibe sensor on train track
Energy Efficiency

ReVibe Energy – electricity through vibrations

In a few years, billions of sensors will be connected to Internet of Things. When these sensors will move into industrial environments, the electricity supply can become problematic. Through a unique vibration energy harvesting technology, ReVibe Energy has found a solution to the problem.
Children recycling
Recycling and Waste

Waste Management: The Swedish Success Story

Almost everything we consume will one day become waste. Even though there is still a long way to a circular society, Sweden has come a long way in waste management and using waste as a resource.
Charger charging electric car
Energy Efficiency

Charged for the future – battery storage in buildings

Energy-related CO2 emissions keep rising internationally* and with increased urbanisation and electrification, this trend seems to continue. There are, however, innovative solutions that can help change this. In the town of Örebro, the housing company Öbo installed battery storage to balance the energy in their buildings, allowing for better energy efficiency and a more stable power grid.
The Aquammodate team
Water and Wastewater

Aquammodate – clean water with inspiration from nature

Although more than 70 % of the earth is covered with water, most of the water is not drinkable. Today, one billion people worldwide lack access to safe drinking water. Aquammodate offers a unique, energy-efficient solution to this essential problem.
Cars on highway
Energy Efficiency

Greater Than – Safer driving and lower emissions through AI

Greater Than’s solution is revolutionary for people’s health as well as the planet.
Midnight sunset in the north of Sweden
Energy Efficiency

Zero Sun – solar energy in the darkest of places

Living in a country like Sweden, when half of the year is dark and the sun never rises in some parts in winter, solar energy might not be the first thing that comes to mind. In Skellefteå in northern Sweden, a real-time experiment is testing how solar technology can be more accessible to countries with little sunlight.