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Resources and Environment

Technology and knowledge transfer to India equals Business opportunities for Sweden

India, home to one-sixth of the world’s population, offers several business opportunities for global manufactures, technology and service providers. Today, The Leadership in India is focusing on building New India and is keen on working on issues arising due to water crises and poor sanitation.
Mining in Sweden
Sustainable Construction

Energy storage going underground

With the increasing pace of electrification, energy storage is becoming a natural part of energy systems. Utilized to store energy in electric vehicles, to increase small scale solar electricity self-consumption, in microgrids as backup power, as part of a larger power grid for congestion management or to manage variations in renewable energy production. There are multiple applications for energy storage.
Chair from Sculptur
Recycling and Waste

Sculptur – printing waste with robots

The increasing amount of waste is a worldwide problem. As citizens are becoming more aware, the demand for recycled materials for sustainable design and circular production is increasing. The Swedish company Sculpur is making use of waste by turning it into other products, such as furniture. The idea is to keep the materials in a loop as long as possible by using innovative design and technology.
Sustainable Transportation

BatteryLoop – giving old batteries new life

Transport accounts for about 1/5 of all CO2 emissions worldwide. Electric cars are a part of the solution, but the batteries are usually not used to their full potential. In fact, the batteries that are no longer useful in vehicles still have about 80 % capacity left. Swedish company BatteryLoop wants to give the used batteries a second life by using them as energy storage. The solution is smart, sustainable and resource-efficient.
HYBRIT pilot plant in Luleå, Sweden
Sustainable Materials

World’s first fossil-free steel has been delivered

The first fossil-free steel in the world has been delivered to the customer. The initiative HYBRIT has since 2016 developed its fossil-free steel and the delivery is an important step before the launch to the market in 2026.
People looking at PulPac packaging
Sustainable Materials

PulPac – Climate-Friendly Packaging

Plastic littering is an increasingly big problem all over the world and single-use products are one of the problems in the fight for a circular economy. The Swedish company PulPac has created a climate-friendly and resource-efficient option to traditional single-use fossil packaging.
Swedish Parliament building at night
Resources and Environment

Sweden ranks nr 1 in European Innovation Scoreboard

This year’s European innovation scoreboard shows that Sweden is continuing to be at the top when it comes to innovation performance. The Stockholm region tops as the most innovative region within the EU.
EcoDataCenter from above
Resources and Environment

EcoDataCenter – a Climate-positive Data Centre

Access to data and the internet is something that many people take for granted. This data would not be available if it was not for data centres, but the telecom and IT industry is a large energy consumer, responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than all air traffic globally combined.
Person charging electric car
Recycling and Waste

Cling Systems – Optimal Circularity of Batteries

Electrification plays an important role in creating sustainable energy. But the lithium-ion batteries used in cars and other energy systems have a significant ecological footprint and most of the batteries do not get recycled efficiently. Cling Systems is the company that wants to change that. By creating a marketplace for used batteries, more batteries can be reused and recycled, leading to a reduction of emissions in the energy sector.
Malmö skyline
Sustainable Construction

Sustainable Urban Planning: Examples from Three Swedish Cities

Cities around the world are growing. To meet the demand, we need to find new ways to build sustainably and in a way that is considering the citizens’ needs.
C-Green construction
Recycling and Waste

Cooperation to build the first sludge-free wastewater treatment plant

Cleantech company C-Green Technology, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute and municipal-owned water and waste company Roslagsvatten are joining forces to build the world’s first sludge-free wastewater treatment plant.
Automatic detection and warning
Sustainable Transportation

Viscando – safer roads with the help of data

Digitalisation is a tool that can help planners make more informed decisions and ultimately create safer roads. The Swedish company Viscando has created a system that helps gather data that is useful to see traffic trends and behaviour, that help create safer roads.