Swedish Cleantech to Nordic Edge Expo 2019

The 24th-26th of September, Nordic Edge Expo is taking place in Stavanger, Norway. The conference is the largest Smart City event in the Nordics and looks at all aspects of what a smart city entails.
Resources and Environment

Vultus – enabling waste-free farming

It all started with a drone and a passion for plantation. Today, the goal is to be the infrastructure for the entire worlds’ precision agriculture effort. Something that is most likely doable with the powerful product nitrogen prescription - that can reduce fertilizers by 30 %. Meet Robert Schmitt, founder and CEO of Vultus.
Resources and Environment

Apply for NCF funding!

The Nordic Climate Facility is currently accepting applications for innovative climate solutions. Apply before 5 September 2019.
Recycling and Waste

SurfCleaner – Clean water for a sustainable future

SurfCleaner breaks ground with their mobile and solar powered solution which is able to eliminate and separate a wide variety of pollutants from water surfaces. With the goal of becoming a global standard, they aim to achieve a €100 million revenue in 2029. The even higher goal is to reduce the negative environmental effects in the longer term. Meet Christina Lundbäck, Founder & CEO of SurfCleaner – winners of the Nordic Cleantech Open 2019.
Sustainable Materials

Improbed – transforming the fluidized bed boiler industry

Technically, a new way of operating existing and newly-built fluidized bed boilers by using an oxygen-carrying bed material. Potentially, an innovation that will have significant impact on carbon dioxide emissions connected to combustion of waste and biomass. In summary, a transformation to a more sustainable way of producing heat and power. Meet Lars Bierlein, operating CEO at Improbed, with his heart at the crossroads where innovative technology meets business development.
Sustainable Transportation

Einride – the intelligent movement company

Working with heavy-duty truck engines made Einride’s CEO Roberth Falck realize the environmental impact of the transportation business. He quit his job and started his own company, with the vision of making road freight transportation more sustainable, safe and cost-efficient. By taking advantage of cutting-edge technology and big data, Einride’s system is already disrupting the transportation industry. Their future goal is to power fleets of autonomous, electric trucks on the road.
Renewable Energy

Sustainable power solutions for smart things

Sustainable, ultra-thin and transparent. A unique combination of characteristics when it comes to solar cells. With the vision of “Making energy beautiful” Peafowl started officially in 2018, after many years of R&D work invested in their plasmonic solar cell technology. A technology that could potentially revolutionize the way we power our smart devices, displays and windows. Meet Jacinto Sá, co-founder of Peafowl Solar Power and Associate Professor at Uppsala University.
Renewable Energy

Sweden leads the global energy transition

In a recent report published by the World Economic Forum, Sweden retains top postition in the Energy Transition Index, which compares the energy sectors of 115 countries and analyses their readiness for energy transition.
Water and Wastewater

Altered Company – sustainability on tap

The “Altered nozzle” became a huge success on in 2016. Only three years later the company is established in the US, India, Central Europe and the Middle East. With unique and smart solutions for taps and showers, Altered Company aims to redefine people’s view of water saving and water cleaning. The recipe is simplicity and innovation expertise. Meet Altered’s designer Mikael Abbhagen, first out in our interview series on Swedish cleantech companies.

Energy Confusion 2019

Energy ConFusion is a business meetup and conference for a sustainable future. A three-day international event in Skellefteå, Sweden, June 3rd - 5th, with discussions on electrification, energy storage and smart energy solutions.

Nordic China Smart City Conference 2019

Meet Swedish cleantech companies at the Nordic China Smart City Conference - March 26-28, 2019 in Stockholm! The main theme is "Greener and Healthier Solutions - Combining China’s new model for growth and the Nordics' Eco Governance".
Energy Efficiency

New Swedish Cleantech Hub in New York

The Swedish Energy Agency has launched a new Cleantech hub in New York, adding to the three existing hubs in San Francisco, London and Shanghai. The New York hub, which was launched in collaboration with the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in New York, will be a part of Gateway - an innovation platform and physical meeting place in New York for Swedish and American growth companies and international corporations.