Efo shipping

EFO – Relocating Waste

Waste is a big problem all over the world. It is estimated that about 37 % of the waste generated globally end up in landfills*, creating problems such as water pollution, methane emissions and spreading of diseases. The Swedish company EFO wants to help countries to reduce the amount of generated waste and turn it into energy.
Dripping water pipe
Water and Wastewater

Aqua Robur – No More Wasted Water

Up to 60 % of freshwater produced in the world is lost through leakages in the public water network, leading to billions of euros wasted each year globally due to inefficient monitored pipelines. Aqua Robur is the Swedish tech company that has a solution that can save water, energy and money.
Lean Marine Dashboard
Sustainable Transportation

Lean Marine – Saving fuel automatically

The shipping industry is estimated to represent more than 3 % of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. By 2050, the number is expected to increase to 10 % if no action is taken. Lean Marine offers solutions that can help save fuel and reduce emissions as well as costs.
Man in lab experimenting
Recycling and Waste

EasyMining – Closing Nutrient Cycles

The decreasing sources of important nutrients needed for food production is a problem all over the world. Today, only a small amount is recycled, meaning important resources is going to waste. EasyMining’s technologies to extract materials from waste is a part of the solution of creating a more circular society and securing future food production.
Charging infrastructure on road in Lund, Sweden
Sustainable Transportation

Elonroad – charging while you drive

Transportation stands for almost 25 % of EU’s Greenhouse gas emissions* and around 23 % of the total energy-related emissions worldwide**. With its high-tech electric road system, the Swedish company Elonroad are revolutionising electric charging and showing the future of electric driving.
A woman cooking on the BioCooker and a close-up picture of the BioCooker
Energy Efficiency

Make It Green – a Healthier Life for People & Planet

In many countries, cooking often leads to health problems due to toxic fumes that are created by cooking over an open fire and which also creates emissions into the atmosphere. Make It Green is the company that wants to create a greener future by giving people in developing countries access to a healthy solution and at the same time decrease emissions.
The Aurora ferry at the dock in Helsingborg
Renewable Energy

ForSea – Emission-free Ferries

ForSea is the shipping company that has decided to make the ocean greener. By converting two of their diesel vessels into battery-driven ones, the company can reduce C02 emissions by 65 %, which is equivalent to 23 000 tons of emissions.
Man welding
Renewable Energy

Inauguration of Swedish Fossil-Free Steel Production

The steel industry accounts for about 7 % of the world's carbon dioxide emissions. In the Swedish project HYBRIT, fossil-free steel is being developed and is expected to be on the market by 2026. This would make it the first fossil-free steel in the world.
A red Candela Speed Boat driving away from camera
Sustainable Transportation

Candela – Flying boats for a fossil-free ocean

They call it the Tesla of the ocean. Candela Speed Boat AB has developed the world’s first hydrofoil electric production boat and aims to make the ocean fossil-free.
Herbs under LED light at Grönska's cultivation in Stockholm
Resources and Environment

Grönska – Towards a circular food system

As more people move to cities, the need for alternative solutions in food production is growing. Grönska, a young Swedish food tech company, has the vision to create more self-sufficient cities and a sustainable food system by using vertical farming technology.
Person holding Epishine's solar cell strip in the sunlight
Renewable Energy

Epishine – revolutionising solar energy

Will solar cells be integrated in all kinds of products in the future? That is what Epishine, a company specialised in small, printed solar cells, believes. With their solution, Epishine is on a mission to change the way we use energy to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels.
Wind power plants and grey sky in Skellefteå, Sweden
Renewable Energy

Energy comes from Skellefteå: “We aim to be world leaders”

When it comes to growth and development in the field of renewable energy, the world's eyes are all on the Skellefteå region.