Assists in exporting Swedish Cleaner technologies in India.

Sustainability Support Services (Europe) AB was set up exclusively to provide technical assistance and compliance required by non-European manufacturers and exporters of chemicals and chemical containing products to the European Union for compliance with the REACH Regulation (EC No 1907/2006). SSS has an extensive network of European and Indian business intermediaries and has been working to facilitate non-EU businesses to comply with the requirements of REACH and various other European regulations. We also assist in exporting Swedish Cleaner technologies in India through our vast network in India.

SSS has a client base of over 800 companies across the world and we have dealt with 8,000 pre-registrations, the successful registration of more than 35 substances by the first REACH registration deadline of 30 November, 2010 – including being the lead registrant. We are now working as lead registrant on 20 substances for 2013, with an additional 50 substances to be taken up in the capacity of lead registrant. We also:

– organised LPR for over 900 substances
– Lead Registrant for over 100 substances for 2013 deadline
– CLP notification of approximately 1,000 substances; and
– developed MSDS for 1500 substances (including MSDS translation in various European languages)

We provide services for sales and distribution of small scale Swedish Clean technologies in India. We provide assistance in getting professional advice regarding financial and legal issues specifically related to the Indian market.

Regulatory Compliance Management, Chemical Registeration / Notifications, GHS / CLP / MSDS, Chemical Saftey Assessment, REACH Regulation, Lead Registrant, REEACH ready Chemicals trading, Cleaner technology market place for Asia.


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