The invention of plastics has made products more accessible and improved things such as food safety and human health. But the use of plastics has also led to several environmental problems. OrganoClick is the company that through scientific breakthroughs wants to change our dependence on plastics. With fibre-based materials, OrganoClick has managed to create products that are robust and kind to the environment.

Roots in research

The foundation of OrganoClick began in the 1990s, when Professor Armando Córdova and Professor Jonas Hafrén were graduate students at the Royal Institute of Technology and Research Institute STFI-Packforsk. After post-doctoral work, Professor Córdova and Professor Hafrén took up the task of developing a viable method to modify fibres. In 2004, the breakthrough came and OrganoClick´s first patent was filed. In 2006, the two professors joined forces with Serendipity Innovations and the entrepreneur Mårten Hellberg and founded OrganoClick AB.

Since then a lot has happened and OrganoClick has continued its successful path. In 2008, OrganoClick was awarded the prestigious Swedish environmental innovation price “Miljöinnovation” for its unique and green technology. In 2012, the company was named a Climate Solver by WWF, and in 2017, OrganoClick was featured in Technology Fast50 company as one of Sweden’s 50 fastest growing tech companies.

A wide range of products

By collaborating with academia and listening to the customers, OrganoClick offers innovative, custom-designed products that reflect the needs of the customers. The green chemical technologies developed by OrganoClick can be applied to an endless array of fibre-based materials. Some of the products offered today is used in the nonwoven, paper, packaging, textile, and wood industry.

One of these products is a unique biobased binder used in nonwoven textiles, replacing current plastic-based binders. The binder is made from food waste such as orange peels, oat husk, and shrimp peels and is thus both 100 % biobased and biodegradable. One application for the nonwoven is within agriculture where it can help reduce the 15 000 tons of plastics used for mulch films within the EU today.

OrganoTex is another product offered, where a 100 % biodegradable water-resistant textile technology is offered in which no toxic chemicals such as fluorocarbons (PFAS) are used. The products are offered at more than 200 retailers within the sport- and outdoor sector in Northern Europe.

OrganoClick’s daughter company OrganoWood AB offers innovative wood treatment technologies and wooden products that makes wood a sustainable building material that is easy to use and without using toxic chemicals to get rid of problems such as rot or fire hazards.

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How it works

OrganoClick’s business is based on the way nature constructs new materials. Using organic chemical catalysts, OrganoClick has developed innovative ways of attaching functional molecules to bio fibres, which can be used to create different biocomposite materials. The biocomposite materials are produced by using a proprietary fibre moulding machine which mould the materials under high pressure and temperature into 3-dimensional objects with advanced design. In chemical production, OrganoClick manufactures liquid formulations and emulsions.

The capacity of the facility is approximately 60.000 m3 och liquid chemical products per annum and the production line for biocomposites can produce 100.000 production cycles annually. Having the production in conjunction with the R&D and headquarter enables fast upscaling of and a rapid onset when new products will be produced in full scale.

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