Sweden is best in Europe on innovation in terms of climate and energy issues. It shows a recent survey from the EU, Eco-Innovation Index 2017. The index shows how well individual Member States perform in different dimensions of eco-innovation compared to the EU average and presents their strengths and weaknesses.

Sweden is ranked in 1st place in the EU, Eco-Innovation for 2017. Sweden has been in top-five since the introduction of the scoreboard in 2010, so Sweden has a history of performing well in the eco-innovation fields.

Eco-innovation is a key component in Sweden’s national environmental policy strategy and is in the lead in developing new technologies in areas like bioenergy, green building, technologies for green vehicle, waste and recycling, water resource management and solar power.

Sweden scores above the EU average in all the indicators except for socioeconomic outcomes. This indicator is based on data on the performance of ‘eco-industries’, including exports, employment and turnover. Sweden has also shown that it is possible to combine economic growth with a decreased carbon footprint (Business Sweden, 2016).

In the Eco-Innovation Index 2017, Sweden leads the ranking with an aggregated score of 144. Finland score 141, followed by Germany and Luxembourg 139 each.

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