The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra has teamed up with the Nordic Council of Ministers and institutions from all the Nordic countries to answer a simple question: how far could we go simply by scaling up already proven low-carbon solutions?

The Green to Scale project has combined innovative analysis with active communication. The results show how implementing existing low-carbon solutions can take us a long way in tackling the global climate crisis. This next phase zooms in on selected countries and takes us closer to implementation.

Scaling up existing climate solutions has great potential for cutting emissions at affordable costs, with additional benefits to people and the environment. Green to Scale analyses the potential of scaling up existing climate solutions. No new technologies or innovations – just what we already know and have: solutions that have been deployed at scale somewhere.

Many leaders have understandable concerns about the feasibility of climate solutions. With Green to Scale they can draw inspiration from the lessons Nordic countries, and others, have learnt in implementing them.

Scaling up 10
solutions can cut
emissions by close to
40% in Estonia and
more than 30% in
Latvia and Lithuania.

From the preface of the report:

Nordic countries are not global superpowers. We can, however, be explorers.
We can chart a course to carbon-neutral well-being and prosperity. And we can
share the lessons we learn on the way.

This Green to Scale report builds on those experiences. It looks at cases ranging
from building energy efficiency in Sweden to electric cars in Norway, analysing how
these solutions can help other countries reach their current climate commitments
– and go beyond them.

Green to Scale is part of the Nordic Prime Ministers’ initiative Nordic Solutions
to Global Challenges. Nordic countries are willing and ready to share both inspiring
success stories and mistakes others would be wise to avoid. And we are eager to
learn from other countries to help us move faster.

To tackle the climate crisis, we need to involve everyone: all countries, sectors
and people. And to be successful, we need to take determined action together.
We hope this report inspires everyone to work together to tackle the climate crisis.

Dagfinn Høybråten
Secretary General
Nordic Council of Ministers


Download the report here.


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