Marklund Solutions AB, established in 2014, is a consultancy dedicated to customised energy solutions that are both green and profitable for companies that produce or consume large amounts of energy.

We are specialists in everything from complex energy systems, combustion, cap and trade, and environmental legislation to data management, reporting, and evaluation. Our primary customers are power plants that produce energy through combustion and industries that consume or produce large amounts of energy. Other customers are education companies, equipment suppliers and authorities.

We are based in Västerås and Halmstad but serve customers throughout Sweden and sometimes abroad. We create solutions based on customers’ individual needs.
Our staff is a mix of ages and experience, which gives us a range of skills in many areas.

Our services include everything from pre-planning, purchasing, planning and start-up of planned projects to continuous follow-up, environmental permits, compliance, optimisation, and reporting on current operations. We can assist in a number of ways – all focused on improving our customers’ facilities and finances.

We also provide a software program (Fenix) that calculates fuel use, flue gas, and plant efficiency.


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