ReVibe Energy is amongst the world’s most advanced companies in the field of vibration energy harvesting.

Through utilising the kinetic energy in vibrations, ReVibe Energy provides a mobile power source where electricity is created simply by harnessing surrounding vibrations and replaces batteries and cables as power sources for low current applications.

The products of ReVibe Energy can provide low current applications, such as different sensor systems, with power and replace the current alternatives in batteries and/or cables. By doing so, ReVibe Energy creates a beneficial situation for the customer in lowering the total cost for use of sensor systems as well as enabling the use of sensor systems in locations where it previously was not possible to use batteries/cables, e.g. explosive or remote places.

Adding to this is the ongoing development and patent process for a new version of the technology, which allows us to not only turn vibrations into electricity, but also an impulse such as when a person presses a light switch or hits the keys on the keyboard of computers. The share force in these movements is enough to produce small currents of power, enabling replacement of batteries in a wide variety of applications that presently are enabling the Internet of Things, especially within connected homes.


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