The Swedish company, NODA Intelligent Systems, may be small but they scored big. The company is part of a consortium that will rebuild a 17-story building in Hudson Square in Manhattan. NODA´s role will be delivering digital solutions for analysis and control. They work with thermal AI and their system will coordinate the use of heating and cooling in the building.

Unlike traditional control systems, NODA’s AI-based solution is self-learning and proactive. Based on available measurement data the system learns itself over time and gets better as time goes by, which means that the system can adapt to the property’s needs in the future.

The same technology used in New York is also being used in Sweden, most recently in a project with energy company Kraftringen and property owner Eslövsbostäder. In Eslöv about 45 buildings are being connected to save energy and improve indoor climate for the property owner and to create thermal flexibility for Kraftringen so that they can optimise production and distribution.

Växjö municipality is another customer that see the value of digital solutions within the energy and climate area. The municipality has entered an innovation partnership with a consortium that includes NODA. NODA will develop an innovation platform for how to improve the indoor climate while reducing energy use.

– The biggest challenge is not to technically achieve a good indoor climate. The difficulty is to get people to comply with what is the best behaviour to make the most of the solution. In Växjö it can, for example, be about the students who are in the school premises. And the smarter digital systems you build, the closer you tend to get to people. The better your system must be at creating a relationship between man and technology. Christian Johansson, CEO of NODA, explains.

NODA has a long history of AI-based innovation in district heating and cooling and has been a core technology partner in numerous international research projects.

The rebuilding in New York is part of a major investment to make high-rise buildings and skyscrapers carbon neutral. The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) has set aside $ 6.8 billion for climate-smart solutions to make New York State carbon neutral. In addition, it is estimated that private actors will contribute with a much larger amount of money.