Univrses is a young company on a mission to build an autonomous future. The company started in Stockholm just four years ago but has expanded rapidly and already consists of 30 employees, all of whom are experts in Computer vision and Machine learning.

At the beginning of the Univrses journey, the company mainly focused on AR and VR solutions, but has since then pivoted to include other areas such as solutions for autonomous driving. With the help of images and other types of data, Univrses delivers perception capability to autonomous vehicles and robots. Univrses has developed a set of software modules that can be integrated into robotic platforms and autonomous systems, called the 3DAI™ Engine. Each module in 3DAI™ Engine contributes to increasing the perception capabilities and the autonomy of a system.

3DAI City – a platform for cities 

Based on the 3DAI technology, Univrses is developing 3DAI City, a platform for cities. Cameras, like smartphones, are being deployed on public vehicles operating in the city, such as buses, taxis and garbage trucks. The images are processed by Univrses’ proprietary algorithms to derive meaningful data relevant to the successful functioning of the city. The information gathered is then presented in a clear, simple and intuitive way for the user. In this way, vehicles already operating within the city can be used as data harvesting agents, gathering timely, relevant and actionable data about the urban environment. 

Data as a solution for safer & cleaner cities

The collection of data helps the understanding of cities, and the more data, the more complete the understanding will become. The movement of vehicles and people can be measured, correlated and predicted over time to help with a wide range of problems that cities face: it can help reduce traffic congestion, identify crime hotspots, detect damage to infrastructure and determine the need for repair in a predictive manner. Parking offenses and availability can be automatically detected. Problems created by pollution, congestion and crime can be addressed and resources can be used more effectively to make the urban environment a safer place. 

A new paradigm for smart cities 

The technology developed and used by Univrses might sound like something from the future, but it can already be used to create a safer and cleaner urban environment. This is a new paradigm in smart city monitoring, which enables those in charge to solve real-world problems, save money and, potentially, save lives.

Interested in Univrses’ solutions? Request a meeting here or visit Univrses’ website.

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