Zbee is an electric-powered, three-wheel urban vehicle developed by the Swedish company Clean Motion. Its market is first and foremost not Sweden but the congested streets of Asia’s mega-cities.

In Europe, Zbee is classed as an EU moped and can carry three people. Its self-supporting, crashworthy body is made of fibreglass. Its electric motors are powered by a lithium-ion battery with a range of approximately 50 km before the battery needs to be recharged. A full charge from a standard electrical outlet takes just over two hours, and the vehicle can be driven at 45 km/h.

Facilities in Sweden and Asia

HJ Komposit in Kungshamn manufactures the body of the Zbee and the vehicle is assembled at the ANA special vehicle plant in Trollhättan. In addition to the plant in Sweden, Clean Motion has a manufacturing facility in Indonesia and will soon also have one in India. The idea is to manufacture the vehicles close to the end customer.

Eco-friendly electric vehicle

The goal of Zbee was to create a vehicle with minimal environmental impact through extremely low energy consumption and low resource utilisation in its manufacture.

Behind this investment in an eco-friendly electric vehicle are Göran Folkesson and his team of very experienced people from the automotive industry. Clean Motion’s Board of Directors and advisers include a number of former CEOs, heads of development and heads of research from Volvo, Volkswagen and Autoliv.

Clean Motion – an awarded company

In 2013, Clean Motion won the Zennström Green Mentorship Award in a competition organised by Skype founder Niklas Zennström that supports Swedish entrepreneurs who have managed to combine a focus on the environment with commercially viable business concepts. The company was also awarded the WWF Climate Solver 2013 prize by the World Wide Fund for Nature, WWF.

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