As the interest in electric cars is growing, new solutions for charging infrastructure is needed. ChargeNode is the company that has made charging cheaper, more accessible, and easier to use by creating a patent-pending charging technology where multiple electric cars share a centralised charging hub.

More people and companies than ever are choosing electric vehicles (EVs), but charging is not always easy. There is a high demand for more charging stations, at the same time as existing stations are underutilised since EVs only needs 2-3h of charging, but are parked much longer.

Patent-pending charging

ChargeNode makes charging available to more EVs by installing charging sockets on each parking space and connecting all sockets to a centralised charging hub. ChargeNode’s software intelligently distributes charging to all EVs based on departure times, battery capacity of each EV and requested charging amount. The system generates up to 22 kW per EV being charged.

ChargeNode’s patent-pending technology makes charging more accessible while also reducing the load factor on the local and public power grid.

Users control charging through an app

EV owners can easily activate, monitor and pay for charging with ChargeNode’s app. Property owners can provide access, monitor charging operations and invoice users in ChargeNode’s cloud-based web portal.

Easy to implement anywhere

ChargeNode’s charging solution is both flexible and scalable thanks to the use of charging sockets and the centralised charging hub. The charging sockets can be seamlessly integrated into the parking environment, such as in lamp posts, railings or on the wall.  The robust charging hub can be separated from the charging sockets and instead be securely placed both indoors and outdoors.

On to new markets

ChargeNode is currently looking to expand to several new markets, with the rest of the Nordic countries and Germany as the first stops.

Get in touch with ChargeNode here. 

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