Many countries are learning about Sweden´s model for sustainable city planning. One of the Swedish companies working in the green building sector is ByggVesta, who is developing houses for a sustainable society.

Since the early 2000s, they are focusing on developing green residential properties for their own property management. ByggVesta says that the responsibility for the environment and sustainable development is much more than just following laws and regulations, and that changes requires that they put up higher demands. Therefore, the have developed a combined quality and environmental policy that provides an important basis for our work.

For example, ByggVesta is one of the companies behind the so called “Betonginitiativet”, a roadmap for climate neutral concrete.

“Sweden needs more housing and large infrastructure investments. These future investments are impossible to implement without concrete. Therefore it is important that concrete becomes climate-neutral. This roadmap is an important landmark for reaching climate neutral concrete 2045”, says Marcus Svensson, CEO of ByggVesta Development.

Read more about ByggVesta and their work here.

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