The Swedish company Ligna Energy has developed a battery produced from residual materials from the forest. The first batteries are now being produced.

90 % of the product is made from organic materials, out of which a big part is from waste from the forest industry. As an example, Ligna Energy’s innovative solution can be used to store energy from solar panels that can then be distributed to an electric charging station.

– There is a need for a shift to a fossil-free energy system, and to do so, large quantities of electricity needs to be stored for the periods when it is not windy or when the sun does not shine. Our vision is to provide the planet with a scalable, environmentally friendly and cost-efficient energy solution for a sustainable future, says Ligna Energy CEO Peter Ringstad.

Ligna Energy collaborates with Linköping University’s Laboratory of Organic Electronics (LOE).

Visit Ligna Energy’s website here.

Full article (in Swedish) here.

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