The key words for Golden Forest’s operation are Energy Efficiency – Environment – Sustainable Development.

Golden Forest was established in 2001 with the aim to assist Clients in making sound decisions for their energy future. Golden Forest’s goal is to work for the efficient use of the world’s limited energy resources, to be involved in energy projects that have the least environmental impact and that provide sustainable development in the community served.
Golden Forest’s professionals have a long record of advising clients on managerial and financial issues, design, implementation and optimisation of energy systems, district heating, district cooling and combined heat and power and tri-generation systems. District Energy and Energy Efficiency have throughout the years been the sole focus of Golden Forest’s principals allowing us to take our expertise and knowledge to the highest level. Our goal is to be focused, cost effective and advise our clients to reach their business objectives.
Golden Forest’s professionals combine the benefits of Western and Eastern European experience and expertise in District Energy systems with experience from operation of business ventures in Europe, North America, Middle East, and China.
Services Offered
Golden Forest provides consulting services that cover the aspects related to Energy Efficiency and development of New and Rehabilitation of existing District Energy systems. Our experience includes studies, planning and implementation as well as restructuring, rehabilitation, and development of existing energy systems.
Examples of services offered:
• Energy Master Planning, Feasibility studies for Heating, Cooling, Combined Heat and Power, and Tri-generation
• Development of district energy rehabilitation and investment plans
• Least cost analyses, i.e. comparison of the alternatives available to provide heating, cooling or electricity
• Renewable energy, i.e. biomass and agricultural waste, for production of power and heat
• Waste to Energy, i.e. sorting, treatment and combustion of Household Waste
• Heat Pumps utilizing different waste energy sources
• Thermal Energy Storage for District Heating and District Cooling


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