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Swedish Algae Factory – Advanced Materials from Algae

Deep down in the sea on the west coast of Sweden, the diatom algae grow. Due to the harsh conditions, the algae developed unique qualities. The Swedish Algae Factory is the company that through research has managed to make use of these qualities and develop products that reduce the usage of chemicals, emit less CO2 and at the same time clean the oceans.

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Want to know how a small country like Sweden became big in cleantech?

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Photo: Per Pixel Petersson/Imagebank.sweden.se

Sweden is one of the world’s leading nations when it comes to innovating, implementing and exporting cleantech solutions.

Sweden has encouraged research and development

Sweden has been proactively pursuing and practicing policies that have encouraged research and development in water purification, sanitation, sewage and wastewater treatment, waste management and waste-to-energy, production of biofuels, as well as generation of renewable energy from wind, biomass and solar power.

First country to meet renewable energy targets

The continued push towards the development and implementation of cleantech solutions has enabled Sweden to become the first country in Europe to meet the renewable energy targets, set by the European Union (EU) for 2020, eight years ahead of schedule.

Business Opportunities

Almi Invest GreenTech Fund

A 65 M EUR venture fund focusing on products and services that have a CO2-reducing effect.

Invest in Sweden

Business Sweden helps international companies establish or expand business operations in Sweden.

Innovation in India

The Innovations’ Accelerator focuses on the business of renewable energy and energy efficiency

Smart City Sweden

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