Smart City Sweden is joining Urban future and H22 on the 2nd of June to discuss the making of new city districts.

In the coming years, thousands of existing sites and designated development areas will be transformed into new city districts. However, how we develop them will define whether or not we’ll be getting anywhere near to achieving our emission goals. So how should we do it? Yes, we hear the talk that one needs to think about how people should get around, how they’ll power their homes, how lifestyles will change, and so on. Oh, and the projects must be “holistic”. But let’s cut the chatter for a moment and look closely at the truly sustainable new districts that are being successfully created around the world RIGHT NOW – and let’s find out how they do it and what we can learn from these frontrunners.

Listen to Anne-Lie Mårtensson and Maria Eggersten Teder from the national board of housing, planning and building and Smart City Sweden discuss the development of new districts and examples from Sweden.

D1 konsertsalen
Clarion Hotel SeaU
Kungsgatan 1
252 21 Helsingborg

About Urban Future Helsingborg 22

On June 1-3, 2022, the global community of urban shapers will meet in Helsingborg, Sweden. This mid-sized city, located on the Swedish coast overlooking Denmark, is one of the most innovative and rapidly changing cities in Europe.

This will be your most valuable week of the year. More than 2,000 of the most brilliant urban shapers, leaders, entrepreneurs, sustainable cities, media professionals, and talent are getting together: to share change-making experience and talk about the failures you will never find in reports. That’s the recipe for accelerating urban transformation.

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