Sustainable Business Hub, SYSAV Utveckling and VA SYD wish to demonstrate the possibilities to extract value from material from recycling stations and therefore invites to an upcycling challenge.


To achieve a circular economy more of the household waste needs to be recovered and upcycled. In recent investigations it has been estimated that as much as 20% of the waste still has or could be brought to a functional state.

SYSAV and VA SYD, two municipality owned waste handling companies, and Sustainable Business Hub, a cluster for Cleantech Companies, wish to demonstrate the possibilities to extract a value from the household waste.


Students, 18 years old or older, who have an interest in design and crafts. The competition will be conducted in teams, 2-3 persons per team. It is possible to apply as a team or teams will be formed at the introduction.


Participants will have access to a waste collection site (ÅVC) for household goods where they can pick materials for the construction of the “product” that they wish to enter in the competition.

The “product” should fill a function, e.g. something to rest on, pure decorative art will not be accepted.

The challenge is that the product has to be built entirely from material from the ÅVC the exceptions being: nails, screws, paint, some textiles. Part of the challenge is also that the “product” should have potential for a commercial value.


For further information, please contact:

Linda Stafsing, Head of competition
phone: +46 72 356 80 00

More information about the competition in Swedish, HERE>>

To participate apply before June 21, please note that the number of participants will be limited.

Partners for the competition are Sustainable Business Hub, SYSAV Utveckling, VA SYD, Malmö University, Urban Magma and Delad energi är dubbel energi. The competition is partly financed by Vinnova.

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