Active elements that cut energy use by to 75% – isn’t that what all Scandinavians dream about? Walking in the footstep of his grandpa, Jonathan Karlsson managed to convert his PhD studies in the energy tech field into innovative business. In a time when the HVAC industry is quickly shifting focus to energy efficient solutions and integration, his company model looks primed for growth. Meet Jonathan Karlsson, founder of Innenco.

Hi Jonathan, describe your innovation!

– Innenco has two key innovations: Active Elements and Smart Control. Active Elements is an integrated piping system in the building frame construction, like an underfloor heating system. Active Elements and the building construction are connected to Smart Control providing valuable data, very low temperature control and compatibility to artificial intelligent system operation. The use of the system has shown savings of more than 75% of energy use in colder climate conditions, and 40% in hot climate conditions.

Jonathan Karlsson, founder, Innenco

How was the development process initiated?

– Long story short! I learned many things from my grandpa Kurt Karlsson, a Swedish inventor in energy technology during the 1960’s. Kurt acquired many patents that are still used, such as ventilation, heat pumps and solar systems. As a teenager, I worked at his factory and built system solutions, heat pumps, focusing on developing novel solutions in the area of energy sources. After graduating from Lund University with a degree of Mc.S in Physics (Theoretical Physics) I started PhD studies in Lund Technology Department in the field of energy storage in building constructions. The research resulted in several patents and establishment of the company. With big goals, we introduced to the market the novel solution based on low temperature heating, cooling and thermal storage (Active Elements), that maximizes the potential of utilizing thermal energy storage in buildings.

Innenco’s distribution cabinet

Who is your target customer?

– We identified groups of our target users and analysed their process of decision making. They include direct target customers for our solution (developers, investors on the construction market), B2B partners who will benefit from offering our solution to their customers, playing the role of our distribution network (floor specialists/installers, HVAC systems installers, RES installers), but also retailers (traditional and e-shops), offering our solutions directly to end-users. As the decision-making process in the construction sector starts on the design stage – the most important group for us are architects, designers and energy efficiency experts for building sector, who will also play a role of Key Opinion Leaders. Last but not least – our end users like family houses and apartment owners – will directly benefit from fast installation, low operational costs and high thermal comfort.

Which are your export markets? What other markets would you like to enter?

– Mainly Nordic countries and Europe in 2019, to keep focus on business. With our expansion plans during 2020-21 we are focusing on the US, India, Qatar and UAE.

What made you focus on those specific markets and how did you approach them?

– Innenco has the potential to grow quickly as the HVAC industry continues to shift its direction. With the new focus on energy efficient solutions and integration with construction industry, the Innenco model looks primed for growth. Its patented technology and precise project cycle make Innenco an attractive partner within the industry.

Active Elements by Innenco

Why should an investor choose your company?

– Our technological solution is fully scalable. The system can scale to achieve even higher energy savings by connecting various constructions with the same principles as in a single building. This will result in Near-Zero or even self-sustainable communities. Establishing business partnerships with major market players and distributors we can utilize our partner`s capacity and well-established networks, making also our business model fully scalable. This will allow us to scale-up fast and reach the European and global markets.

– Our technology offers potential for the development of new standard for heating/cooling of new and old buildings and opens up possibilities for energy distribution/management in whole districts and smart cities. The technology and components can be used in several other product areas like evaluation of building performances, localizing energy parameters such as heat transmission, air infiltration, ventilation etc. and to be used to evaluate the annual energy use for certain requirements and standard control.

What is your long-term vision? How will your company develop, looking ten years ahead?

– Building an organization on a long-term perspective is a passion. And to see that the concept is built on further projects that can help support the global development goals in the quest for a sustainable future. We want to see the development of our systems to adapt over time to future technologies and innovations in 10 years.


Written by: Hanna Näslund

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