Lighting costs for companies can be substantial. They may include shedding light on facilities like parking garages, warehouses, factories, stations, airports, greenhouses, or other premises where the lamps are lit most of the day.

– Energy prices are rising, environmental awareness is increasing and there are many companies looking for smart lighting solutions to save money and reduce their carbon footprint. LED lamps work in many situations but not if they are placed four meters overhead which is generally the domain for fluorescent or other types of lights. Despite the fact that we are dealing with conventional technology, unconventional methods exist to save electricity, says Mats Karlsson, president of Malmö-based Wattguard.

The green box, electronically controlled

Wattguards green box lowers the voltage and increases the efficiency of running the lights. The number of lumens per watt increases and the power consumption is reduced by almost half, yet there is no need for costly investments or changes in the fittings.

– The technique can be applied to existing fluorescent lamps. Because we offer the system as a lease, there is no initial investment for the customer,” continues Karlsson.

The natural relationship between light and heat generation in fluorescent lamps with conventional grid power is 25 percent light and the rest heat. With the help of Wattguard technology the ratio becomes 40 percent light to 60 percent heat. The increased light is exploited by lowering the wattage providing about 40 percent savings on electricity consumption.

Reduced bills and climate impact

As part of its environmental efforts, gardening retailer Plantagen – with more than 105 stores in Scandinavia – installed Wattguard in eight stores. The retailer estimates energy savings of 1,000 MWh per year and a reduction of carbon dioxide emissions of 100 tons per year. Additionally, the need for servicing the lighting equipment is reduced. Fluorescent lighting does not need to be changed as often as before.

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