25 years experience of sustainable urban development

Ahlqvist och Almqvist have more than 25 years of experience in analysis, program studies, planning and design in Sweden and abroad.

Ahlqvist och Almqvist arkitekter AB have in addition to the design of houses and apartment blocks, schools and offices, developed a great experience in sustainable urban planning that includes visionary studies, master plans, detail plans, design guidelines and environmental impact studies.

Sustainable solutions
In all of Ahlqvist och Almqvist’s work they aim at the greatest possible sustainable solutions in terms of social, economic and environmental goals. Since 2003 the company apply an environmental guidance program to all their projects.

Valuable international experience
Planning work and realized projects in England, the Netherlands, Spain, Poland and China have given Ahlqvist och Almqvist valuable knowledge and international experience. In dedication to their international work they have, for 20 years, been a member of Perspective.

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Ahlqvist & Almqvist arkitekter AB

25 years experience of sustainable urban development

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