Norups gård Bioraff AB is a leading supplier of small scale bio energy solutions.

We are both consultants and constructors. We have worked with biofuel production since 1989 and biogas since 2008. We are a small team of specialists and generalists and cooperate in a network with other companies. We often work in a project oriented organization were we assist the customer in a lot of different angels and work with a holistic view.

We have built plants in different sizes, from pilot plants with a digester from 50-5000 litres to regular biogas plants from 300 m3 and upwards. We have built for a university, an energy company, municipalities and farmers.

We work with special areas as sanitation, methane filter, biogas filling equipment, electricity production from biogas and upgrading of biogas to vehicle gas. We have to possibility to work with full steering and control units and everything is registered in a process computer. Important parameters are analysed every day.

The company has been in the family for more than 100 years. In addition to traditional farming we develop and manufacture vegetable oils as raw material for biofuel and technical products.


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