Bostaden is the biggest actor on the Umeå housing market. Through its growth, Bostaden has helped turn Umeå into a city that in many ways is the capital of northern Sweden. We have a great responsibility to reduce our impact on our shared environment. Therefore, it is crucial to increase environmental awareness among both tenants and employees and we set clear environmental requirements for our suppliers and contractors.

We believe that the path to our goal goes through knowledge, cooperation and open dialogue. In June 2008, we launched our major environmental project – Environmental Focus 2016 which includes objectives for the five areas: energy use, waste management, transportation, environmental friendly construction materials, knowledge and commitment.

• Value for money homes to rent in Umeå
• Environmental project including objectives such as, energy use, waste management, transport- ation, environmental friendly construction materials, knowledge and commitment
• 2650 square metre solar panels, one of the largest plants in Sweden
• Sustainable Ålidhem as an example of sustain- able renovation and collaborative project
• High energy efficiency in all our new buildings with an energy use of approximately half of the Swedish requirements

Sustainable Ålidhem

Best practice for sustainable construction and real estate management.

Category/ Clean Energy, Sustainable Construction


Business Opportunities

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Almi Invest GreenTech Fund

A 65 M EUR venture fund focusing on products and services that have a CO2-reducing effect.

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Invest in Sweden

Business Sweden helps international companies establish or expand business operations in Sweden.

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Innovation in India

The Innovations’ Accelerator focuses on the business of renewable energy and energy efficiency

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