We believe in making products that makes the world better and greener. Our top priority is to make the worlds most water saving toilets, combining advanced design on the inside with the looks and the feeling of a classic toilet on the outside. All of our products are designed to achieve the highest possible comfort and hygiene, easy installing and usage and to work in symbiosis with the ecology in every step of the process.

Wostman Ecology AB is the Swedish eco-engineering company that develops and manufactures eco-toilets and complete solutions for individual sewages. We are proud to call ourselves leading in the market for ”alternative” toilets, because we give the users a possibility to install real porcelain toilets where it is considered not possible.

All our products have 3 focus areas:

Maximum comfort and hygiene.
Simple and logic to use and install.

Examples of our products are water-flushing toilets powered by vacuum, products for waste water treatment, phosphorous reducing wells and phosphorous binding materials for the p-treatment in small drains. The headquarter in Saltsjö-Boo, Stockholm, is where the R&D department is located and it’s also where some of the assembly and mounting takes place. The rest of the production takes place at various locations in Sweden and China. The porcelain is manufactured in a porcelain district in China, to where we do regular visits and stay in close contact with the factory workers to ensure all of our products goes through a quality control.

Wostman has about 7 peoples hired full-time, as well as dedicated individuals abroad and in Sweden. We have distributers worldwide and has been featured in eco-projects in Australia, South America, Africa, Asia and more. We export continuously to countries like Norway, Finland, Denmark, USA, Japan, Australia, France and others.

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