Our mission is to develop and plan facilities for biological treatment of organic waste and wastewater, as well as providing consultancy services in waste, energy and biotechnology. We are also often responsible for the development of processes and components for use in the business area.

BioSystem are consultants in biological treatment of waste and wastewater.

BioSystem AB have 37 years of experience from projects in 38 countries. Their speciality is design of biogas facilities.

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Since 1990, Joraform has developed and marketed compost machines for local composting of domestic waste.

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Acosense is a Swedish high tech company that develops and markets Acospector® Acoustic Chemometer, an innovation for non-invasive fluid analysis in real-time.

Again AB

Again offers the best technique available on the market today for nutrient recycling from your household wastewater streams.

Againity AB

Againity converts low-temperature heat into electricity with in-house developed ORC system.

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