Lantmännen Agroetanol is the largest biorefinery in the Nordic region and part of Lantmännen, an agricultural cooperative owned by 25,000 Swedish farmers.

The biorefinery
The biorefinery converts local grain into three main products – ethanol, protein feed and carbonic acid. The plant is flexible regarding feedstock and can also utilize residues from the food industry and other starch or sugar rich materials. The plant is built for sustainability. The plant itself is energy efficient and all the input energies are green. All components of the feedstock is turned into products making the production world-leading from a sustainability perspective. The ethanol produced in the plant reduces Greenhouse gas emissions by 95 % compared to fossil gasoline and diesel. The feed produced replaces imports of other proteins such as for example soy.

The vision of the company is to find solutions for a more sustainable society. The ethanol replaces fossil oil products, whether in fuels, chemical products or in a future plastic application. The feed product is a high-grade protein that replaces soya which otherwise would be imported, mainly from the other side of the world. Finally, the CO2 formed during fermentation is being captured and converted into green carbonic acid that replaces fossil-CO2. In the future the company seeks to expand in to sustainable food products.


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