Gimme shelter aims to make architecture accessible to the masses. With unique, environmentally friendly and affordable housing solutions that can be combined, gimme shelter wants to help people to live and build according to their need and their budget.

The home manufacturer Gimme shelter produces modular houses where the various parts can be combined in any way to build homes that fit your wallet, your needs and your dreams. The design is inspired of Scandinavian nature. With sustainability in focus, the goal is to build environmentally friendly houses that are built as you grow and not that extra sqm to heat up and finance.

Gimme shelter enables customers to choose mass-produced prefabricated house volumes that can be connected to each other in a variety of combinations. In this way you can create a personal and unique house based on the budget you have, your needs and the style you like. If the conditions change, for example with a new family member, one can easily expand their house. Today, there are designed housing modules in the sizes 15-70 sqm and modules that increase the quality of life such as a yoga studio, studio and sauna.

The idea for Gimme shelter came from the frustration that one of the founders and architect Emelie Holmberg felt during the first years as a house architect with her own business.

She could not understand why catalogue houses, ie house models that were designed in advance, were so popular. But it later struck her that there are many attractive advantages – low production cost, security with fixed prices and illustrative material that explains the houses before buying. What is often lacking is a “soul” and sustainable, attractive architecture.

Gimme shelter wants to be the innovative house supplier that develops future housing. Sustainability is becoming increasingly important and it puts pressure on construction companies. Sweden has also set the environmental goal to be fossil-free in 2040.

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