Why is one place more attractive than another? What changes pedestrian movement through the city? How will plans actually work? The starting point for our work is the relation between urban form and urban life. We use research based tools and measures to analyse and shape urban form, from places and districts to entire regions.

The core of Spacecape’s business is the connection between urban research and urban design. Spacescape was started in 2001 as a spin-off from a research group at the School of Architecture at KTH and has since further developed research-based working methods to support the urban planning process. Our work process can be divided into five parts, from analysis of conditions, via dialogue and planning laboratories to the development of strategies and plan proposals.

To investigate how places, streets and districts are used and experienced, we use database room analyzes, observations, interviews and web surveys. The connection between urban space and urban life is investigated and provides an important knowledge base for the urban planning process.

Our dialogue work creates interaction between different parties in the urban planning process and facilitates communication between citizens and municipalities. We conduct workshops, give lectures and conduct web dialogues.

Laboratory work is carried out to test different planning alternatives and analyze its consequences based on set goals. Our laboratory work is often used in a continuous design process, in close collaboration with other architectural offices and clients.

With the help of completed analyzes, dialogues and planning laboratory work, measurable goals, strategies and policy documents can be produced. The strategy work guides the planning towards set goals.

Based on previous work with the site or district, sketches and plan proposals are produced. We work in all scales of urban development, from public places to entire districts.

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