Consumers want plastic products. They want them to be sustainable. We help. Plastic has become a dirty word. But if you know anything about materials you understand the amazing things plastics do for society. More and more manufacturers, designers, architects, and product managers feel pressure to pursue sustainability goals now. But computers won’t soon be made of wood and coffee makers won’t soon be made of stone. In the fast pace of product development and innovation, manufacturers need tested, high-quality materials that will perform in their applications while achieving immediate, concrete, and measurable sustainability goals.

Our business did not begin with a dream of future technology. It began with a practical engineering question: How can we make a high-performance material that mimics carbon fiber but is greener? The answer was to exploit the strength of hemp fibers.

The business continues with the same spirit of practical innovation. How can we make a large-scale change that will happen now?

We have families. We care very much about the planet and the unsustainability of current manufacturing practices. And we’re serious about finding the steps needed for legitimate, wide-scale change.

Our vision is to get things going right away. We know others have that vision too.


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