TermoDeck is a low energy HVAC system using the thermal mass of the building. A study made for Saudi Arabia showed a saving of USD 8.6 billion during a 15-year period in the power sector.

TermoDeck is a low energy HVAC system using the thermal mass of the building in terms of standard hollow-core concrete slabs which are modified to serve as an energy store. TermoDeck is not just a product delivered to site, but a comprehensive system from design to final completion.

TermoDeck uses normally standard hollow-core concrete slabs which are modified to serve as a store of energy. Cold or warm supply air is circulated in the cavities in each slab before entering the room. During daytime, most of the internal heat gains can be stored in the slabs.

TermoDeck is very comfortable for the occupants as there are no draughts or noise from the supply air. Also, the fresh air component is higher than for conventional system in many countries, thereby reducing the risk for spreading viruses, such as Covid-19.

In hot climates, a 50% reduction in installed cooling load can be achieved compared with a Conventional Air Conditioning (CAC) building since the building is cooled during a longer period. This will mean substantial savings in capital costs.

Peak power reductions of up to 90% have been achieved for some hours during mid day period in all TermoDeck projects in the Middle East compared to CAC buildings.

In all types of climates, the energy consumption and CO2 emissions will be reduced compared with a CAC building. The energy stored during the day can be used to compensate for the fabric losses during the night. Free night cooling is used instead of using chillers during day time. In hot climates, the efficiency of the chiller will be higher during night (as the outdoor temperature is lower than during day time). This reduces the energy consumption.

As less material is used (no chilled beams / FCUs / radiators) LCC costs are reduced. Also O&M costs will be heavily reduced as much less equipment to maintain. There is no need for water radiators due to the radiation from ceiling and floor surfaces.

TermoDeck uses air for heating, cooling and ventilation which reduces the risk for water leakages.

TermoDeck is equally effective in all types of climates, e.g. Scandinavia, Middle East, UK, Canada, Southern Africa and Australia. Over 430 buildings have been constructed using TermoDeck, including offices, hospitals, hotels, universities, schools, shopping malls and residential buildings.

Making TermoDeck a national product can effectively ensure that peak power loads are substantially reduced. This will reduce the high investments in the power sector. A study made for Saudi Arabia showed a saving of USD 8.6 billion during a 15-year period.

TermoDeck was awarded a Climate Solver by WWF (World Wildlife Fund).
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HciN8QOJclc

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