Stockholm Exergi is Stockholm’s energy company. All day, every day, we ensure that the fast-growing region of Stockholm has access to heating, cooling, electricity, and waste management services. We help make Stockholm an attractive and more sustainable place with the potential of being the world’s first climate-positive capital city.

Our activities are based around our distribution network, through which we provide our customers with heating and cooling, and we supply electricity to the Stockholm area. Today, more than 800,000 Stockholmers and around 400 locations – including hospitals, data centres, and other private and public sites – are connected to our district heating network, which is in turn connected to our heating and cogeneration plants. These facilities capture residual heat and transform biofuels and waste that can no longer, or should no longer, be recycled into energy for distribution to all our customers and the community.

At all points of our value chain, we and our business partners work to minimize our impact on people and the environment. In addition to removing heavy metals and other harmful substances from the environment during combustion, we seek to ensure that our own residual products can be used elsewhere in society.

Through our distribution network, we are the core of Stockholm’s extensive energy supply and waste management infrastructure. This means that we face many of the same opportunities and challenges that Stockholm and our customers face.

Today, Stockholm and society at large are undergoing extensive change. Electrification and digitalisation are – together with increased resource efficiency and reduced climate impact – the societal trends that are most significant to our continued business and development.


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