Cling Systems is a Stockholm based startup developing the first intelligent B2B market platform for used lithium-ion batteries. The company is on the journey to develop the platform that couples each used battery with its material content and location to enable optimal circularity of batteries. On a global scale.

Energy and transport sectors together account for ¾ of all greenhouse gas emissions. To limit global warming to 1.5 degrees, we as a society must drastically increase our common efforts and collaboration. Fortunately, lithium-ion batteries are powering an unprecedented green revolution of the energy and transport sectors. However, while this is an awe inspiring electrification, lithium-ion batteries don’t come without challenges. Unfortunately, these batteries cause significant ecological, social and geopolitical challenges throughout their linear supply chains.

For them to become the climate solution we all hope for, their supply chains simply must become circular. Yet, the established energy and transport sectors struggle to provide the transparency necessary for circular value chains. Each end-of-life battery is unique and suited for different second-life applications and recycling processes.

The question is, which batteries should have a second life? The determining factor is relatively simple – the total cost of capturing the remaining energy storage capacity before recovering the material. However, the parameters comprising this cost (remaining energy and cycles, location of the battery, ownership, second-life application, etc) create a complex combinatorial problem. Two originally identical batteries may have vastly different end-of-first-life routes. Bilateral and static contracts between the large number of vastly different actors in the battery ecosystem fail to ensure optimal circularity.

Cling Systems was founded on this need, and on the belief in collaboration and joined efforts for future prosperity. We understand the importance of eliminating this friction within industry and ensuring optimal circularity of batteries.

Thus, we strive to enable efficient and responsible trading of future-critical energy systems at the end of their first or second (or even longer) lives to ensure circular and competitive global value chains. Cling’s platform allows verified professionals to trade used li-ion batteries. Our value creation is comprised of three critical offerings: aggregated batteries, structured and comprehensive data as well as simple and safe logistics.


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