PulPac provides a groundbreaking manufacturing technology for sustainable, low-cost, high-performance packaging and single-use products. By removing the use of water, Pulpac has pioneered the technology of fiber molding and made it possible for the packaging industry to replace single-use plastics with fiber-based, plastic free, price competitive sustainable alternatives.

PulPac is an R&D and IP-company on a mission to replace single-use plastics with fiber-based alternatives globally.

The Dry Molded Fiber technology 3D molds cellulose fibers in a dry process that is fast, climate-smart and resource efficient. Dry molding saves energy, generates no wastewater, enables material efficiency of up to 99% and gives up to 90% lower CO2 footprint at the same or lower cost than plastic.

PulPac has the world-leading know-how of Dry Molded Fiber and offers its technology on a licensing basis to manufacturers that set up their own production capacity. The technology platform is extremely versatile and can manufacture most single-use applications presently made of plastics. Present focus is market ready, high volume applications. Typically trays, bowls, soda lids or spoons.

A selection of global brands and manufacturing leaders are presently implementing the technology and first end-user products will reach the market this year. PulPac aim to have replaced one million tons of plastic with Dry Molded Fiber by 2025.

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