gyghub, a cloud-based sustainability platform, helps organisations execute impactful (sustainable) projects by involving a wider range of stakeholders in the public, private, education, and non-profit sector, and tell visually rich and engaging stories through them, in real-time.

gyghub does this by providing a self-service catalogue of good causes that individuals and organisations can engage in, collaborate and tell the story of the project from different perspectives, in real-time. The company builds a real-time repository of best practices and knowledge base for actionable sustainability and contributes towards awareness, engagement, and communication of such projects at grassroots levels. gyghub is built around UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Below are some of the 60+ projects featured on gyghub:
* Goal 3, 4 and 10 – Skola först project by Västerås Stad municipality working together with actors from the city of Västerås and civil society to remove obstacles to contribute to more children and young people having meaningful leisure time and better relationships with adults.

* Goal 4 and 10 – An initiative by Katrineholm municipality to make libraries more accessible to the socio-economically disadvantaged groups

* Goal 3, 7 and 13 – Autosafety Uganda – An initiative where experts from the US, UK, Sweden, Mexico, and Uganda came together to address air pollution in Kampala, Uganda

* Goal 4, 5, and 10 – An NGO on a mission to get more children, especially girls, into programming and IT, by collaborating with individuals and private sector actors.

* Goal 4 – An artisan chocolate company in the UK engaged with students of Kings College London in their marketing assignment.

gyghub is part of ABB’s innovation hub, SynerLeap.


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