Fossil Free Marine is dedicated to developing infrastructure solutions that enable the transition to fossil free, sustainable fuel and energy sources for the marine sector. The company enables fuel stations for biofuels and innovative fast charging platforms for electric boats, with a globally scalable business model.

Fossil Free Marine (registered EU trademark, belonging to Fossil Free Marine Europe AB) develops infrastructure solutions to enable the transition to fossil free, climate neutral and sustainable fuel and energy sources for the marine sector. The main product is a marine fuel station, built to military standards, that complies with all current environmental and safety standards, and enables fully automated operations.

Fossil Free Marine also develops an innovative, fast charging platform, based on the same product architecture, that enables fast charging of both private boats and commercial vessels. For sensitive marine environments, such as the Baltic or lakes and fresh water reservoirs, the marine station is prepared to handle waste water (grey and black), as well as technology to allow for nudging policies directed at the local boating community.

Thanks to state-of-the art design and construction, and the latest in connectivity, the Fossil Free Marine fuel station can be run fully automated, allowing for an unprecedented profitability in the marine sector. Compared to existing technology, the flexibility is greatly improved, allowing operators to adapt to changing demand and consumer behavior, while improving user experience and customer satisfaction.


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