Lean Marine offers proven solutions for fuel-saving and increased operational efficiency for the marine industry, with the aim of reducing the environmental impact of operating a vessel. So far, Lean Marine’s solutions have been contracted for 190+ vessels, representing 50+ different ship owners worldwide. This means that Lean Marine’s solutions, on these vessels, will achieve 178 million kgs CO2 reduction per year.

Although promising initiatives and development projects are taking place within alternative fuels and wind-assisted propulsion technologies for a greener and much more sustainable shipping industry in the short term, we must tackle the very large existing fleet of vessels with solutions that are available now.

Our planet cannot wait. Lean Marine’s goal is to reduce the environmental impact of vessel operations. To achieve this, we focus on two key axes that are highly effective to reach their goals of higher vessel performance and lower consumption right-away: propulsion automation via FuelOpt™ to optimize operational efficiency enabling direct fuel saving and performance management via Fleet Analytics™ to improve operational execution.

FuelOpt™ offers ship-owners/operators the potential for greater propulsion operational efficiency at the push of a button, with minimal crew time required, via a very simple and user-friendly panel on the bridge. With FuelOpt™ in operation, up to 15%, direct fuel savings and emission reductions are possible. We are aiming to have a quick return on investment time for our clients, ideally less than a year. Learn more about FuelOpt™:
– FuelOpt™ E-brochure: https://leanmarine.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/FuelOpt-Product-Brochure.pdf
– FuelOpt™ webpage: https://leanmarine.com/fuelopt/

Additionally, FuelOpt™ leverages the power of digitalization for fleet performance management without any additional cost to the ship-owner. The system gathers and creates a big amount of engine/propulsion performance data, which is turned into knowledge by smart performance management and reporting software Fleet Analytics™. Having a better understanding of a fleet’s performance enables ship owners and operators to learn from the previous voyages and improve the next ones, hence reduce operating costs and emissions.

Going further, when FuelOpt™ is combined with Fleet Analytics™, additional indirect fuel savings and emission reductions of up to 10% are possible. Learn more about Fleet Analytics™:
– Fleet Analytics™ E-brochure: https://leanmarine.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/Fleet-Analytics-Product-Brochure.pdf
– Fleet Analytics™ webpage: https://leanmarine.com/fleet-analytics/

Combining FuelOpt™ and Fleet Analytics™ provides a remarkable solution for ship optimization resulting in fuel savings and reduced emission, hence saving our planet’s resources.

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