M.E. Solutions delivers technological solutions to green shipping – Specialising in installation and retrofitting of Ballast Water Treatment (BWTS), Exhaust Gas Cleaning (EGGS) and Fuel Recovery (PureDry) to minimise marine emissions to air and sea.

M.E. Solutions can help you along the way as a competent business advisor, offering turn-key solutions with products from well-established brands, such as Alfa Laval, Wärtsilä, Ocean Saver, Ecospray Technologies, etc.

M.E. Solutions operates worldwide, and the Stockholm office has in-house expertise in project management, design, engineering, onboard management and logistics devoted to help the shipping and shipbuilding industry reduce air and water pollution, as well as increase energy efficiency.

Services, products and solutions:
– Project management.
– Pre-survey, to define future scope of work

Design/ drawings based on pre-survey, to class and customer approval including:
o Laser scanning and point cloud rendering
o System layout and arrangement in vessel compartments
o Piping arrangement
o Electrical arrangement and connections

– Complete or partial systems
– Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) piping and components
– SMO 254 fabrication
– Electrical power distribution and control systems

– Manufacturing and prefabrication of installation material kits
– Installations notes, including technical and class documentation
– Purchasing and logistics
– Start up and demonstration/hand-over to customer
– Commissioning to class
– Service and maintenance
– Upgrades and follow-up

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