Arvet develops communities, visions and knowledge. It’s no coincidence that our name means ”heritage” in Swedish. We believe that building cities in wood is a brilliant way to put nature’s resources to use, thereby taking care of the planet that we have all inherited.

Arvet has been developing and building housing in the Stockholm area since 1968 under the brand Folkhem. Last year we changed our brand and changed our market. We are now working globally, with all types of communities and projects. In 2007, we decided to only develop our projects in wood/timber, the only renewable building material. When we took this decision, we had no idea that it would fundamentally change our business.

We have developed and built two eight-story houses in cross-laminated timber, Strandparken in Sundbyberg, Stockholm, with a total of 64 apartments and three business spaces, completed in 2014. Based on that experience, we know what to do to do the right thing in the right way.

Positive aspects of building with wood

Wooden buildings are not only durable; they look different; they radiate beauty; they have a scent of the forest and they give a feeling of warmth and security with a softer and more natural sound experience. Wood is dry and light. It provides a fantastic work environment, short implementation times, a higher degree of industrialization, digitalized processes and less transporting without sacrificing strength, fire protection or other rules, regulations and requirements. Wood is created through the photosynthesis process, which is the basis for all life on earth. When the trees grow, they store carbon dioxide. When mature trees are harvested, new trees are planted, which bind carbon dioxide when they grow. When the harvested trees are used for construction, no carbon dioxide is released, as the carbon dioxide storage remains in the timber. Trees, together with other vegetation, and the sea are a natural form of carbon capture and storage (ccs).

In line with the Global Goals

Using wood for construction is one of the best ways to contribute to sustainable development. We are basing our operations on the planetary boundaries and the UN’s Global Sustainable Development Goals (Agenda 2030). Our business objective is to create value for the planet and the people. Profit becomes a function of our value-creating business and we are sharing that profit with all stakeholders.

We are working primarily with creating, developing and designing city plans, buildings, infrastructure and environments from ideas to building permits. But most important of all, we are working throughout the value chain since we have a big impact in all its parts; Everything from contributing to creating local sustainable forestry, local timber industry, educating and training in wood building skills, designing and implementing sustainable projects for both nature and people, countering segregation to increasing economic equality.

We cannot do everything ourselves. Our philosophy is to collaborate, work in networks and partnership towards common goals, together with landowners, investors, architects, technical consultants, suppliers, builders, organizations, cities, municipalities, countries and other stakeholders. We are open and transparent. We are happy to share our knowledge and experience.


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