By replacing traditional cooking fuel with ethanol/methanol, Cleancook Sweden AB provides a sustainable, clean and healthy cooking alternative that is safe and time-efficient for the user.

Globally, around three billion people depend on solid fuels to cook their meals. The use of this fuel leads to exposure of high levels of indoor air pollution well above international standards, which can lead to respiratory infections and premature deaths. This is recognized as one of the worst global health and pollution problems of today.

By using ethanol and methanol as a solution, Cleancook can offer an alternative that is lower in emissions, at the same time as it creates a better living environment for the user. Ethanol and methanol are the ultimate clean and economical fuels for cooking in the global south, where food traditionally is prepared by using firewood, charcoal or kerosene, which leads to higher emissions.

Ethanol and methanol can be produced locally and distributed together with Cleancook stoves, assembled from parts shipped from the factory in South Africa as flat packs. This local business model with secure revenue from fuel distribution can be sold as a concept to a number of countries. All items for stove assembly and fuel handling as well as fuel production know-how can be provided from Cleancook and partners as an economical start-up package.


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