C-Green is an innovative process engineering company with a complete solution to efficiently convert large amounts of sludge into biocoal. The process is based on high-temperature carbonization (HTC) which basically copies nature’s way of breaking down complex organic compounds into coal but takes a few hours instead of millions of years. What’s exceptional with C-Greens process is that it is energized by the sludge itself meaning it has an almost non-existent external energy demand.

The HTC process effectively destroys large organic molecules, including most pharmaceuticals, toxins, and bacteria. The result is a clean inert biofuel that don’t emit odor or greenhouse gases. C-Greens solution is a great way to solve the sludge problem in major industries, water treatment plants and agriculture.

– Extremely energy-saving HTC plants to convert sludge to hygienic, clean and odorless biocoal.
– Fixed size installations that can be transported by truck and process up to 60 tonnes of sludge per day.
– A reduction of the customer’s annual greenhouse gas emissions with the equivalent of 7000 tonnes of CO2 for each installed HTC plant.

– Stora Enso’s plant in Heinola Finland
– Pilot facility in Örnsköldsvik in cooperation with Processum

Customers in industry, agriculture and municipal wastewater treatment plants looking to transform their sludge into high-quality biofuel in the form of biocoal in a both cost- and energy efficient way.

Category/ Bioeconomy, Clean energy, Waste, Clean water, Circular economy

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