Ailiinnovation Scandinavia AB is an innovation company focused entirely on developing environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient solutions that can improve the living conditions of millions of people worldwide.

Our first product is a unique water pump capable of replacing traditional diesel pumps for agricultural irrigation using a small solar panel. The system is powered by 12 volts 49 watts and can deliver up to 24 cubic meters of water with 10 hours of sunshine. The system is protected with patents worldwide.

Our goal is that no woman, no child, will need to carry water and no-one will need to use fossil pumps to move water to their crops. We will enable small-scale family farmers to improve their life situation dramatically. Our pump solution will save water and help farmers to increase their revenue while at the same time protecting the environment.

As our customer, you can focus on driving the business while we help you minimize environmental impacts. As our end-user, we provide you with affordable solar powered tools that can improve your profitability and quality of life.


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