After 40 years in business, we are still curious.

We strive to be a leader in refrigeration market in everything from the manufacture, importation and sale of quality products to the development of customized solutions.

With extensive experience and knowledge of many years in the industry we have what it takes to provide quality service and ensure good quality.

Together with our customers we develop the right technology, prototyping and manufacturing solutions before series production starts.
We have a development and testing labs as well as our partners can exploit.


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Againity AB

Againity AB

Againity converts waste into electricity with in-house developed ORC system.

Askalon AB

Askalon AB

Askalon provides sustainable and secure valves for the industry in Sweden, Finland, Iceland, and Denmark. Working with reliable products that last for many years and can be serviced on sight in the factory.

Autopro Sverige AB

Autopro Sverige AB

Autopro projects, designs, programs and operates equipment for monitoring and automated control of facilities primarily in the energy, environment and district heating industry.

E.ON Sverige AB

E.ON Sverige AB

E.ON Sverige produces and supplies energy and energy-related services to approximately one million customers. The goal is success that builds on customer benefits and social responsibility.

Business Opportunities

Almi process wheel

Almi Invest GreenTech Fund

A 65 M EUR venture fund focusing on products and services that have a CO2-reducing effect.

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Invest in Sweden

Business Sweden helps international companies establish or expand business operations in Sweden.

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Innovation in India

The Innovations’ Accelerator focuses on the business of renewable energy and energy efficiency

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Smart City Sweden

Find more Swedish solutions at Smart City Sweden’s website.