Vida is a global supplier of processed products from sustainable Swedish forests.s. The group employs 1,100 people in 18 production plants, including 9 sawmills. Production is mainly focused on structural timber for a number of different markets.

Production is primarily focused on structural timber for a variety of markets: 75 percent of Vida’s sawn wood products are exported to Europe, USA, Australia, Africa and Asia. But the business activities also include manufacturing of packaging, animal bedding and pellets, biofuel and buildings.

All of Vida’s products are manufactured from renewable raw materials – the Swedish forest. Vida yearly acquires a total of 3.9 million cubed metres (solid under bark) of round timber and sells 1.75 millon cubes meters of wood yearly. Besides this business Vida also for example supplies building components and complete pre-fabricated volume buildings made of wood and energy-efficient biofuel made from forest industry by-products. By doing this vida makes the most of all by-products that result from felling and the processing at our sawmills so every single wood chip from the forest gets used.

Vida says that their business is a part of solving the climate change puzzle. The forest and products from the forest bind carbon dioxide and reduce the greenhouse effect. The raw material is renewable and the products recyclable, and they never become landfill, rather they generate new energy instead.


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