Biond is one of the largest biogas producers in Sweden

Operation of biogas plants
Biond offers the operation of biogas plants and optimizes the plants technically and commercially. We operate and develop two biogas plants – Sävsjö Biogas and the biogas plant outside Helsingborg with the capacity to process 250,000 tonnes of waste and residual products every year.

Biogas – from waste to clean energy
Converting waste to biogas is the most obvious alternative from a societal and environmental perspective. With a total production capacity of about 120 GWh, Biond is one of the largest biogas producers in Sweden.

Bio manure – a nutritious by-product
What remains after the digestion process in biogas production is a nutritious bio fertilizer used in agriculture. Biond’s bio manure is quality certified and about 180,000 tonnes of bio manure are produced at our plants every year.


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